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Robb's first studio album recorded at Crystal Hills Studio with Ben Smith and Matt Butzlaff with producer Nathan Ritter & Ray Brooks beginning late 1998.

someguynamedrobb15 THE IRRESPONSIBLE YEARS.jpg


01. One More for the Passengers  lyrics
02. Sunsets  lyrics
03. Romance is Dead.  lyrics
04. Angels Watching Over You  lyrics
05. Sleepless 97. lyrics
06. Wasn't it You?  lyrics

07. Express Lane Love  lyrics
08. Somebody  lyrics
09. Baby, It Feels Like I'm Losing You  lyrics
10. Hard to be a Saint  lyrics
11. Lover, Where Have You Been?  lyrics

12. Lord, It Feels Like I'm Running Out of Time  lyrics

13/14 * Bonus Tracks 

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