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how can i sleep here with your hair not in my face

my sheets are cold, my feet are turning blue

and it’s you I can’t replace

what can I do ? (I don’t know)

I feel like I don’t turn around to see you standing all alone

in your silken nightgown

what can I do? what can I do

what will I do? what do I do?


how can I sleep here when you leave the tv on?

I can’t stand it when you do that

I can’t stand it when you’re gone

what can I do? I don’t know

I feel like I’m wasting all my time

what can I do while you’re gone

 you help me occupy my mind


you’re everywhere I go you’re everywhere I go

you’re everyone I know you’re everyone I know

what can I do when you’re not around.

words and music by robb 1992

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