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hard to be a saint '99


you don't have to hide yourself from me

you don't have to find someone to be

you don't have to show me who you are

where you're going or even where you came from

we never had a chance we never had a prayer

we just built this out of promises and thin air

pre-chorus and chorus:

     all those times we had.

     be them good or bad

     they slip away before we know what we have.

       and it's hard to be a saint

       and look at you, you look so great

       let's take sometime to get things straight.

       it's hard to be a saint.


you don't have to say it's gonna be alright

some days you crawl into bed just to pretend it's night.

sometimes you give and sometimes you take.

and sometimes you hold me so tight i feel like i'm gonna break.

nobody's saying but it's what everybody knows

you think you're invisible, well baby it shows.\


it's hard to be a saint

i look at you and i can't see straight

i say it is you say it ain't

yeah, it's hard to be a saint

words and music by robb originally in 96

rewrite 4/16/99   second rewrite  8/21/99

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