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how do you sleep that’s all i ask

in the nude or in the past?

are there angels watching over you?


in your head or in your bed

or in the words that don’t get said

sometimes do i disappear from view?

lately i’ve been feeling sad

these crazy dreams are all i’ve had

it’s keeping me up at night with the ghost of me and you 

the streetlights watched me pack your bags

you’re not coming home the car lights flash

across the walls on to the dark side of the room

we get trapped beneath our fears drowning in our seas 

but as bad as it gets down here

there’s no place i’d rather be


when you sleep do you dream?

nothing’s as real as what it seems

it brings confusion but that’s nothing new

silent glances, shuffled feet

misconceptions make ends meet

stretch you wings, lover, you have nothing left to lose.


words and music by robb mccormick october 1998

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