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romance is dead but i'll sing you off to sleep

just put your heart In my hand

and i'll lay my kiss down upon your cheek


this romeo is teething and it always hurts like hell

he hates the books that he's reading

but he's waged this cold war on himself, sing it on

the house of love has been boarded up

but the windows have all been kicked on in

there's movement in the trees outside

and it's being orchestrated by the wind


we move in quiet harmony

swaying like a baby's cradle

but in the end the disease always wins

and the final diagnoses always comes up fatal


romance is dead.

the angels have all been called back home

the velvet dress that used to wear you so well

is hanging in the closet full of holes

in that boarded up house

where the angels ain't never flown

we watch the mystery rise,

unmask ourselves and we turn the color of bone.

romance is dead. i see it bleeding out now on the floor.

two bits out the moon is full. and i'm makin' my way to the door.

the photographs that were hidden have snuck back into view.

and the life you lived is exposed to again turn the old there right back into new.


romance is dead. so i guess these flowers are for you.

this vicious circle we call our lives has once again divided us in two. 

like both sides of a gravel driveway every time it rains.

the halves we are right now are never quite as whole as the one we used to make.

words and music by robb 8.15.1999

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