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Lover, where have you been?

i don't know what day it is.

and i don't really care. 

  the edge's are blurry

   the picture is faded  but i know it's you there.


i don't know what time it is.

and i haven't a clue.

  i'm drunk on your words.

  as they roll off your lips.

  intoxicated with you.

i tell myself no.  but you tell myself yes.

i stare at the moon and i long to confess. 

that somewhere tonight in this sleepy ol' land.

is the girl in my dreams and my heart's in her hands.


i don't know what year it is

if it's december or may.

  i'm in the jail of your arms.

  locked in the hinge of your thighs.

    and i'm begging to stay.


i tell myself no. but you tell myself yes.

as i lay in your arms and i long to confess.

the air conditioner kicks on and i feel your caress.

this moment is ours but how soon we forget.

just how good it can be like on a cold october night.

lit by the dusk of the day and your room's candlelight.


i don't know what it is i feel.

and i don't really mind.

   the stars all burned out a thousand years ago.

   but they still light up the sky.


and what if this isn't real?  if it's just a dream? 

will it burn out as well?  or will we light up the sky

so that others can see...


you're the girl in my dreams.

and my heart's in your hands. 

and it would play out the same (way) if it started again. 

we'd both end up here wrapped in the sheets of your bed. 

wondering why'd it take so long, lover, where have you been?


words and music by robb

written in the deep end of october


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