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1. Like what I do and want to be a part of my tribe? Join the IMMA FAN CLUB for as little as $3 a month!
Go to and click "Become a Patron".  Perks? You get to hear the songs first, in demo format! You get to help choose what songs are on the albums. You get access to a VAULT of previously unreleased albums and you get access to the behind the scenes songwriting shows! 

2. Choose any $ amount on & choose your monthly subscription plan!

From $3 to $1000 whatever you like! 

When you join you INSTANTLY get a High Quality Digital Download of a new track from the  newest Some Guy Named Robb album, "The Folkster"!  Plus a ton of rewards to choose from on the Patreon page! Sign up there and it will give you all the details! 




3. Kick your heels up and wait for new music, new videos, new blogs, and new writings from me!

Thanks a million for joining the tribe! I couldn't do it without you! 

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