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On Your Way

The Up / Down EP

\on your way/
i saw you that day
on your way
merrily riding along
you gave a hint of a wave and a
telephone stare before you
went to your lonely little apartment there
and pulled no trigger but still you delivered that selfish little shock that made your world stop
as they found you and tried to undrown you
as they beat you and tried to repeat you
they cared for you try to repair for you the damage you had inflicted so casually
as they pronounced you dead on the scene with no words to explain
only that the logic of it had probably been preplanned
and now you hand, lays silent silently
and i think of the hand that waved weakly as you passed my by on the street
so you be on your way
we have nothing to say
because there is nothing to say
to someone who can now say nothing.
you lay still now
and you waste away
i will enjoy the sunshine on this and everyday
even when the clouds are out and my eyes tell me skies are grey
i will enjoy the sunshine on this and everyday
and i will think of you from time to time
as a worthless lesson and a pitiful waste
and let years take away what good times we had
and put them in their forgotten place
yes you will be replaced. with countless joys
which you can never embrace. such a waste
yes i think i will enjoy the sunshine a bit longer
on this and everyday
you be on your way
be on your way
on your way


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