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Amy's Driving

The Up / Down EP


amy climbs into the driver's seat.
i see your hands they start to shake.
amy's searching for the engine key.
the sweat upon your brow it breaks.

amy likes to rev the engine up.
and say, "m'baby's purring like a lion."
now you wish that you had gone and peed
and you wish that you didn't have to pee
because you're pants will be a long time drying.

cause when you said that you would go
you didn't know (he didn't know)
that amy was driving.
cause if you did you would have sat back down
cause now the child in you is crying.

amy peels out of the old garage
you grab the handle, it comes off.
amy says that it's for wussy people
you start praying up to God.

amy says she on anti-depressants
and only feels good when she's driving.
she takes a corner and almost hits a kid.
amy screams out of the window.

amy turns down to a one way street.
she doesn't notice any lights.
she makes a u-turn and she stomps her feet.
the knuckles on your hands are white.

amy comes to a 4 way stop
make that three way cause she's flying.
amy wonders who called the cops
they stop her every time she's driving

amy likes to turn her tunes up loud
and so she doesn't' hear the sirens.
she says to you "i really like this beat."
but that's the cops behind are firing.

amy protests that she's "not that bad".
as they put her/you into handcuffs/squad car/as they open up their back door.
when she arrives she's gonna call her dad.
she'll be out soon cause he's a senator.

but what he doesn't know
that amy's been driving.

words and music by robb

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