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Robb McCormick, AKA Some Guy Named Robb, has been guest speaking for over 10 years and has been sought after for many varied speaking engagements. Robb uses music and common themes to illustrate life's lessons drawing from his own life experiences and understanding.


From inspiring fellow independent musicians to high school students, from teachers to the business world, Robb has years of experience motivating, encouraging and influencing a generation of up-and-comers in the areas of Art, Business, Marketing, Promotion, DIY Production and of course, Music. 


Call 479-970-4599 for availability, quotes and eligibilty for discounts.

Or email:



"Some Guy Named Robb is a true gift to our community. He has been a guest several times for us at Russellville High School, and each time, we've been inspired by his gift of music and his authenticity. Robb meets people where they are, and whether he's speaking to young students, older students, or adults, he speaks from the heart and to the heart.

Robb is amazing, and I am grateful to know him."


Shelia Jacobs

Russellville High School Principal

"(As an English teacher).. One of my favorite things that I do each year in my classroom is having robb as a guest speaker. He is intelligent, entertaining, and memorable. The students truly respond to robb because he is real with them. He shares his knowledge of songwriting, his passion for music and careers in the arts, and a piece of himself with his audience each time he visits Russellville High School. I am truly blessed that he enjoys coming to speak to my students and that he is a true friend."


Allicia Nodurfth

English Teacher, RHS

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