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Recorded at Glass Planet Studios with producer Krys Keylor in 2006/07

I’ve seen bullets take more than their share of flesh

watched you peel him away while the hum loomed like death

Bleed as you wash him from your skin

tears you up like it does from within

So it would seem the evil of men

live on and on in these things

I’ve seen take more than share of faith

what you can’t learn from life here you didn’t need here anyway

you smile as you give him your sin

you smile and he takes it again

You say what you learned from love

is it just gets in the way

It’s these things that drive me insane


I’ve seen stocks rise and berlin fall

Hiroshima and we dropped the bomb

it’s 100,000 gone in the blink of an eye

history stays on repeat

hear the drums in the soldiers feet

trampling the middle east until a red sun's gonna rise


You can steal a nation's dignity

with the perfect lie at the crime scene

With a white chalk line around our iniquity

you can break society’s back

Voice says boy best you follow through

You don’t have to do it just when it’s cool

You can bend or twist or even break the rules

Just until you hear them crack

You can steal everything but the one thing you lack.


In south Africa, a missionary’s wife

Refuses to beg for her life

She just covers her children’s eyes 

she holds her head up high

and says Tonight we feast with the King of kings.

I believe in these things


I’ve seen words offer more than they should have to give

The ability to live and it still takes me by surprise

With kingdom come and faith begorra

Will you still want something more or will you just reply?

I believe in these things

I’ve left all I was behind

I’ve left all I have behind

I’ve left all I’ll be behind


For the Glorious Sunrise

For the bright of day in the darkest night

For the sparkle in our Creator’s Eye

for the majesty of Jesus Christ


I believe in these things

I’ve left all I was behind

I’ve left all I am behind

I’ve left all I’ll be behind


words and music by robb

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