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pbs junkie

Recorded at Glass Planet Studios with producer Krys Keylor in 2006/07

channel 13

lights down low

t.v. screen

an african rhino

i know everything about the nepalese monkey

i do what i can i'm a pbs junkie.


i'd take you on the road with the antique show.

bought this watch for a dollar. it's made of gold.

thanks for bringing in  your painted duck/tonka truck

you paid 4000, it's worth a buck.

we got amish dates caught on tape.

mesopotamians linked to space/apes.

4th generation cowboy men

the city of atlantis and where it's been


channel 13

sun's going up



i tried but i failed. i'm a c-span flunkie

(i know way too much about the portuguese unki)

what else can i say? i'm a pbs junkie.


we got rain forest floors, arctic explorers

alien sightings who could ask for more?

we got weather patterns and rings on saturn

einstein's saying 'what's the matter?'

a bitter grouch who lives in a can

a pimped out vampire who counts past ten

 (you got) nebulas and black hole suns

at 3/4 in the morning anything is fun.


i'm a pbs junkie. (he's a pbs junkie)

i'm a pbs junkie.

i'm a [c-span] flunkie.


i pray the Lord my soul to keep

oh but Lord please help me fall asleep.

rewritten 5.28.03

finished 12.01.03

touches 1.17.04

words and music by robb

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