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hey you

Recorded in 2002/03 at GlassPlanet Studio w/ Ben Smith, Jason Jones, and producer Krys Keylor

i can’t help but go a little bit mad tonight

the way you’re looking it’s gonna be a bad fight

you come across like you’re innocent and sweet.

and all the while you’ve been sharpening your pretty teeth


hey you. you need to learn to shut up.

and if i try real hard. i can ignore all the bad stuff

that comes, that darts out from your pretty mouth

file me somewhere between insecurities and doubts


and now i see you wrapped/rolled into a pretty bow.

how it ends it’s for you to guess and me to know

burned up to nothing caught while you were trying to run

that’s what happens when the clouds try to ignore the sun.


hey you. you need to learn to stand up.

last time you tried so hard. this time try not giving up.

whatever happens will happen if it’s mean to be

whatever goes goes away, they say, eventually.


either way the wind blows.  it’s all just a show.

you say that you don’t care truth is you don’t care to know.

heads or tails call it easy come easy go.

if it’s all up in the air then why you feeling so low?

isn’t that just like us?

the fight, the phone, the facts, and the fuss?


hey you. you need to learn to fuck up

you take your share of the profits

now take a share of the cuts

cause it’s ok and it’s gonna happen anyway.

best you run while you can. come again some other day.


isn’t that just like us?

the fight, the phone, the facts and the fuss?

words and music by robb 

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