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the songbird

Recorded at Glass Planet Studios with producer Krys Keylor in 2006/07

hey there little songbird i see you memorized every single word.

i see you fly too close to the sun and you might get burned.  

i see you're giving more and more than you're ever getting back

at the rate you're going soon there'll be nothing left. 


and everybody wants something... (everybody, everybody) 


hey there little songbird, i see you memorized every single word

but you fly too close to the sun and you night get burned.

an excuse, self-imposed, yeah, to blame somebody else.

another family reunion with you sitting all by yourself. 


everybody wants something... (everybody, everybody) 


        and she sing her little songs, in to the microphone

        and she tells her mom she's as fine as fine can be. 

        college?  i guess it's going well. 

        i'm never there so it's kinda hard to tell.

        but i sang at the coffee shop three times last week. 


Lost Unrecorded Verse

        and she sings her little songs into the microphone

        and she listens to the crowds cheer in her head.  

        where the choes of the light, linger well into the night,

        and she lullabyes herself to sleep again.


everybody wants something... (everybody, everybody) 

all lyrics, arrangements, remembrances and music by robb

typed in 10/17/97  about two years old. right now..

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