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the package deal

Recorded in 2002/03 at GlassPlanet Studio w/ Ben Smith, Jason Jones, and producer Krys Keylor

you have to love them both, ya know, the joy and the sorrow.

like a thief she loves to steal, and like a beggar she loves to borrow.

though neither one give it back, so that’s real and that’s that

argument is a waste of breath that will complicate your facts

petty dealer, oh street wheeler gotta get it for half the cost

you could buy back everything she’d steal, it won’t get you what you lost


it’s a cold kitchen floor knocking on your door, oh baby it’s the fuzz

ya gotta get back, get back on track, to the place you never was


and as it goes...

i’ll take the package deal. baby it’s all prophet. baby, it’s a steal.

you don't have to be high. but you got to be healed 

as it goes, i’ll take the package deal.



but you have to fight them both ya know, the cancer and the cure.

one to enjoy life. another one to endure.

say it’s not fair. well that’s rare..  but baby it’s understood.

it’s the ignorance of innocence that makes bad seem so good.

should i puff up on the vanity and wax up all my pride?

and say i run the show, so there you go now you can  go run and hide?

can i fashion out some truth so i can equate all my lies?

or can i just admit it, when i don’t get it all, and baby i’m doing fine...?


and i say God’s got something up His sleeve 

and just be glad it isn’t mine.

i would’ve torched this whole world years ago 

set the whole wide world on fire

i said be you glad it’s not me cause i don’t have His kind of style.

wouldn’t have dreamed up Grace, i'd never send my only son to die


but as it goes...

i’ll take the package deal. yeah it’s all prophet. it’s a steal.

you don't have to be high. but you got to be healed.

you can go for bust/broke. i’ll take the package deal.


words and music by robb


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