The Full Story


Recorded in 2002/03 at GlassPlanet Studio w/ Ben Smith, Jason Jones, and producer Krys Keylor


where are the words you wrote me in song?

where are they now? or do they belong?

if not from you, then who? how long? what good do i do?

doing what’s wrong?


i could pull from my mind

all the things that you said

your words cut so hard

till my fingers bled

you pound on the wall

till the wall it turns red.

is it better now? is it better now?


autumn blends well with the way that i feel

i don’t have to steal [back-up: not a moment of time]

i could turn on a dime. and give you back five

but i can’t make you mine., this hunger is too real/feel.


with the breeze of her veil.

and the spark of her smile.

she could ignite the sun.

with the way that she laughs

she could take on the fall

make winter come fast

and it’s better now. it’s better now.


where have we gone?

the crease in your skin says you’ve been sleeping.sleeping again.       

and woke up surprised. did you suddenly realize you weren’t

alone. did it finally set/creep in? 


and that this time this night he’s not going home.

because he’s already home.

and you already know


does the ring start to scratch? do you know where you’re at? and the last name you had is... no longer your own.

not the last name you owned...

where have you been? is it all as it seemed?

was that you that screamed? another bad dream?


i can’t pull from my mind

the way you would smile.

or the flowers you brought

that you left here to die

and your hands touch my skin

and i start to fly

and it’s better now. it’s all better now...


and she lets go her laugh

and she lets go her smile

and the world it seems better

right now/here for a while


and the window is cracked

and the snow it stays stacked

and the sun it will melt it

but it won’t do it fast.


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