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rose beneath your feet

Recorded in 2002/03 at GlassPlanet Studio w/ Ben Smith, Jason Jones, and producer Krys Keylor

It’s one o’clock in the morning

I know I’m not making any sense

I feel like religion has hung me up to dry

And i don’t like the way you kiss


It’s two o’clock in the morning

I feel as lonely as can be.

There’s a paradox in grace that it takes a child’s faith

To trust in what a man can’t see.


It’s 3 o’clock in the morning

Did you get enough to eat?

I’m the rose torn from the thorns fashioned ‘to a crown

Trampled beneath pilate’s feet.


  I never wanted this.

  Another cup would suit me fine.

  But the choice was made long before today

  And the choice He gave, it wasn’t mine.


It’s 4 o’clock in the morning

I wish you guys would stay awake

Cause morning comes too fast and i can’t let this cup slip past

I wish i could but that’s not the case

I wish i could then i see your face



It’s 5 o’clock in the morning

And you’re all asleep again

I know it’s bedtime for you but there’s this thing i got to do

And right now i could use a friend.


It’s six o’clock in the morning.

I hear some footsteps on their way

You’re gonna hear some things that you don’t want to hear

You’re gonna say some things you don’t mean to say

But I understand. more than you know.

Now I gotta go. we’ll talk again.

I’m gonna hang out with some guys. see the countryside.

Then it’s up to Dad’s for the weekend.


    I never wanted to fold.

    I wanted me and mary to grow old.

    But sometimes this life, it’s not just children and a wife.

    Sometimes it’s just doing what you’re told.


It’s one o’clock sunday morning


words and music by robb

All Glory is to Christ Alone.

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