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have you ever noticed everything's gone wrong?

Recorded in 2002/03 at GlassPlanet Studio w/ Ben Smith, Jason Jones, and producer Krys Keylor

police sirens wail in the distance.  taking somebody down.

saving somebody’s life. a midnight strangler from an estranged wife.

hiding under the bed sheathed like a knife

hopin’ he’ll slip. a. way..


“hello” to an empty room echos disappointment

one less stocking hung by the chimney this year.

on the radio spits out another chewed up version of someone else’s song.

you hate the fact they did it, but you still hum. a. long.


  every morning that you wake up is your life.

  and your mind won’t change until you change your mind.

  kid yourself you got all the time... in the world.. (you silly girl)


   you find it hard but then it’s hard to find

   you keep the truth well hid within a lie.

   you dot your t’s until you cross your eyes and so it goes.

    and so you know.

  i see your point i just don’t subscribe.

  you miss the beat when you’re just keeping time.

  you keep on playing and you’re gonna find. that in the end.

                          no one wins.

    don’t know the words? well then, hum along

    have you ever noticed everything’s gone wrong?

    you fit in fine you just don’t belong well nothing’s lost.

      forget the cost.

when the morning comes and you expect to find yourself

but in the mirror you swear you’re staring into someone else

i used to know you so well.

when you couldn’t sleep we’d to pace this tiled floor.

we used to talk for hours so why don’t i recognize you anymore


all words and music by robb

october/november 2000

Everything is Nothing Cover.jpeg
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