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Although Robb plays in Bars, Venues, Festivals, prisons, colleges and elementary schools he has also been a Worship Leader at his home church, Fellowship of Christians/City Church, in Russellville, Arkansas for over 20 years and the Worship Pastor there for 12 years.
Part of his ministry has been going into other churches around the community and the world and helping them facilitate and encourage their worship activities through seminars and worship events. 
He continues to play in churches, conferences, seminars, and youth events from Arkansas to England, UK.   


"It has been my privilege to have Robb McCormick lead worship at our church. Robb is an excellent musician, is good at leading a group of musicians and very good at connecting with a congregation. And that's not even His best attribute.


Robb connects a song to the heart of God and takes us all there together. He is honest and personal in his leading. And he has written some very fine worship songs as well."


Mark Lykins, Pastor 

Grace Fellowship Church

"Charles Wesley was one of the most prolific hymn writers of all time.  His lyrics reflected the teachings of his brother John Wesley.  He brilliantly put these lyrics to melodies he heard in the pop songs of his day.  These songs resonated in the church and beyond the church back then.  And we continue to sing them today. 


Robb McCormick is the worship leader in my church, Fellowship of Christians.  He is a prolific song writer who, as a professional musician hears the sounds that resonate with those who know Jesus and those who don’t yet. 


I highly recommend Robb McCormick in both his professional singer\songwriter capacity and as a worship leader.  As his pastor and his friend I can tell you that Robb’s character and integrity are as strong as his musical gifts."


Pastor Wayne Drain

Fellowship of Christians 

Fellowship of Christians

Sr Founding Pastor Wayne Drain Fellowship of Christians / City Church
Pastor Mark Lykins of Grace Fellowship Church

Robb has partnered with Vital Worship group in 2017 as a Worship music consultant. For more info click on the picture below! 

Vital Worship Consultant Group
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