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What Would You Say?

The Up / Down EP

and yes, i could guessed it started with that dress
the under slip, invisible to the untrained eye.
and sure i'm sure.
that we could leave this all before
it explodes and leaves shrapnel in our mind
in my mind you're so easy to find.

no i didn't know
what you whispered on the go
in the hall against the wall of Your Will
and in the end
we look just like friends
but in truth, that is not what i feel.
in my mind i know your heart i will steal

what would you say baby one more time.
you open your mouth and i'll open my mind
and taste all the words as they fall from your lips
we've been cut from the coldness of experience
fashioned like diamonds, like veiled innocence
so i drink you like wine and stay drunk off your kiss

so why, is there a spy
that sits on his perch
and writes down all the words that we say
when we both misconstrue
and behave out of tune
as we burst 'neath the world of this weight

the volume is waning
and your ear it is straining
to go for it go in for the kill.
it's sweet and it's fine
as it flows through your mind
but in your heart you’re playing let’s make a deal.
Thinking that Love is a game and it’s kill or be killed
but instead it's try and know you will fail
then get up and do it again..
get up get up and do it again.

what, what would you say
if you'd said all that there was.
would you sleepy kiss me sideways and then call my bluff
and then drink me away? .leave me up on the shelf
take off the label so i'm good for no one else.
cause only you know and only you can taste
i'm good for a while, luv, let's not go to waste.


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