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love is not a grandeur thing

love is not a grandeur thing

at least in earthly terms

it's an ancient word forgotten by time itself 

like the love letter that fall of our mouths  

when our hearts get overgrown

like teeth we don't feel them then

but oh we feel them when they're gone 

no more the grandeur thing

only a tiny ring

a frog stuck in the back of your throat

that jumps around up and down without a sound

pound pound pound

that doesn't have the courage to croak


only a finder's fee

a wedding ring

no music swell or a happy ending

only children that won't sleep through the night

say hello to nightlights and late nights

and goodbye moonlights & friday nights

making out under the warm glow of the television lights

not caring what's on only what's coming off

the tips of hearts have been bitten in frost

yes we're a sad lot the family mugshot

the teeth falling out and the kool-lots

with the backward bending bustling brusings scrapes

we scrambled the nest eggs and shambled the best gigs

been pulled out like a tooth that aches

...thank youuu.....

ladies and gentlemen.

especially the ladies.

this is your captain speaking..

i wanted to let you know your seat can also be used

as a floatation device.

a floatation .... device...  (all night long)

Love is not an earthly thing

it's agape and it's huge

too small to fit in with an ego

too vast to be consumed

and we end up on our knees saying thank You, Lord, yes, please

let the elbow scrapes be all kisses

and let the bruises be dismisses

no more a grandeur thing

that for which once we stood

now all our checks have hit the bank

and darlin we must make good

the cattle are out

the milk has been drummed

the jury is hanging out because the jury is hung


truth wiggles it's way inside conscious foreplay

and sure enough wins out every time

but the hillbilly thrills

are noxious with their kills and still

it makes me want to sing this line


oh if heaven could pause

and let me give some applause

girl, i can see you were wonderfully made

and before time has run out

i will hunger, thirst and shout

for the time we might have before the grave


where i would write my lyrics all over your body

we would take the time. that we did not take

to do what we should, the things we knew we would

we could make the love we did not make

i want to call out the guards

and put it to arms, lay it back on the tracks

so we can get backtracked jack

i want two hearts to beat

to engage and not retreat

to embark in the dark and never

never never take the back seat



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