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up seems so down tonight

UP SEEMS SO DOWN  was recorded by Produced by Rob Newton and Dillon Blaney in 2011/12 at NewSound Studio


“there is a touch of sadness in everything he does.”

he doesn’t know what he is now from what he was 

the walls climb themselves i’m just watching them

i didn’t touch anything that wasn’t touched

enslave this excess and watch the world dissolve

dreams offer sleep with no rest involved

she quotes the poet’s off the bathroom stalls

and she wears her hair down but he never calls.


“are you sleeping? i’m gonna play this anyway.” 


he’s been murdered it’s all over the back page news

someone slit his wrists and then took his shoes

the folly is in never knowing which way you’re gonna choose.

and everything you said she said he said was true


i’m casting a shadow of someone else’s ruin

the mirror says it’s me... how politely i refuse

she sits beside herself just bending spoons

i've reached the world’s end but i don’t see the moon


slyly waits until he’s good and gone.

he martyrs her pride cause he thinks that it makes him strong

he fumbles the doorknob but the key is wrong 

this reluctant dream he’d never counted on

he screams at the keyhole but it’s a different song


she wants to stay she wants to fight 

she wants her way she wants to make it right

seams unthreading when they touch the light

nowhere is here and now 

up seems so down tonight


she holds me pressing up against her breast

if something’s real it’s that i’m scared to death

to open my eyes if heaven hurts like this

if up seems down and then hell must feel like bliss

i said hell must feel like this


she wakes and shakes the dreams out of her hair

it hurts like **** but she doesn’t care

morning's come and i’m finding it hard to bear

to say this much just for no one else to hear 

just for no one else to hear

there's no one else in here 


everything you want will have to go

everything you love, everyone you know

everything you haunt will come to a close

everyone you touch / everything you feel

everyone you show


ignore the pain wasn’t that the deal we made? 

she bought my soul for the price of lemonade

i made the score but i never made the grade

everything i do is contrary to what i say


when everything you’re saying just won’t make it right

and blue seems gray here but all you see is white 

her body’s shaking and her hands are tied 

nowhere is right here and now

up seems so down tonight


it’d be so much easier if this wasn’t real

do you see this better?

do you feel now how i feel?

her eyes are closed both hands are on the wheel 

she locked her keys inside but the windows down

take a look around

see what you've found

up seems so down

everything you want will have to go

everyone you touch, everyone you know

everywhere you haunt will come to a close

everyone you meet

everyone you show

up seems so down tonight

hold on it will be alright

wait till the morning light 

hold on it will be alright 

one day it will be alright

up seems so

up seems so down tonight


words and music by robb

november 12, 2000

morning. sunday. apartment.

printed december 3, 2000

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