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something is a lie

Recorded in 2002/03 at GlassPlanet Studio w/ Ben Smith, Jason Jones, and producer Krys Keylor

something is a lie what a surprise you cling so tight

you must have felt it slipping by

nothing will ever change even in your grave

you’ll still be clinging to then all the things now you couldn’t say

but like everything else it has it’s time and then it has it’s place.

and like everything else you feel time pass and you just sit back and watch those places fade

you say it wears you down the atrocity, the monstrosity of the landscape?

well look around i’m asking you now do you blame yourself or was it someone else? who do you think made it this way?

i won’t try to save you it’s not my place

and if i thought it was, i’d be wrong i’d be a fool

to think i could ever offer you some Grace,

so watch the moon come full circle, watch her run her phase

and take the things i gave you dear and disappear and if you want to then throw them all away

because when it’s said and done

the truth is still the truth and the truth will still remain

regardless of how much we protest and digress or ingest

 or what ridiculous loopholes we claim

whether you believe or retreat/receive

whether you end up with doubts or you end up with faith

i won’t try to save you i can’t save myself

and if i thought i could, i’d be a fool

and a fool will only, always lead you to themselves.

i’m not going to save you besides

that’s got nothing to do with me

i can’t even save myself.

but if you seek the truth long enough,

  eventually the truth too will come full circle and it will hunt you down


i’m not here for that

you’re like everybody else

you’re on your own that’s what this is about

i can scream the truth till your ears bleed

 and your mind goes numb

but you’d still have to figure it out


because when it’s said and done

the truth is still the truth and the truth will still remain


words and music by robb


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