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anotheR room

Recorded at Glass Planet Studios with producer Krys Keylor in 2006/07

another room, another dance, another backwards circumstance

last one to leave still takes that chance

that's the way it has always been

there's no room for lost romance 

you follow the rules you don't stand a chance.

it never works just like it's planned

that's the way things have always been


   i can't remember what i said not to myself or to my friends

   and i don't remember what she said or who she was or why

   she's dead. another time another place a painted room for

   you to stay. another smile another tear i still can't laugh i

   still can't feel so cold i can not move my hands so numb i'm

   sure you understand i lost a girl there goes my plans i still

   can't move my feet my hands.  my eyes my throat my ears my

   nose my arms my legs my feet my toes so lost i can't keep up

   with you as if i ever really really could....


another room, another try

just shut-up and kiss me and don't ask me why

another lie but i don't mind

that's the way things have always been

another room an outstretched hand

this is not what i had planned. 

it never is i don't understand

that's the way things have always been.

all lyrics and words and music and arrangements by robb...

started 1994-completed 1995

it actually took about 3 minutes to write it all but i call it my 30 second song

everybody has one..



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