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Recorded in 2002/03 at GlassPlanet Studio w/ Ben Smith, Jason Jones, and producer Krys Keylor

the sunday news is on the radio

the song moves fast but the words come slow

you watch the calendar while the sun drops low

you feel time slip by you wonder where it goes.


and you say mirror mirror up there on the wall

then you hide yourself in your wonderbra

you waste away down at the local mall

hoping your heart will melt or at least a thaw


oh Lord, swing low. i need You now, heaven knows.


you spoke too fast and then it broke her heart

you open your hands and it falls apart.

down on your knees is where forgiveness starts.

it begins with a please and it never stops...


and the words you said still get torn apart.

the wounds have healed but you still carry the scars.

let Love elevate you up beyond the stars.

don't close your eyes now you'll miss the very best part.


every knee will bow

knowing that makes life better now.


words and music by robb


Everything is Nothing Cover.jpeg
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